Monday, February 20, 2012

"Ablaz'd Bluuuuu"

Oh how I enjoy wearing all the colors of the rainbow and especially BLUE :)

I’m going to tell you something about me: I am an organized NEAT FREAK!!! When God said, “Let all things be done decently and in order,” I took that passage of scripture and ran with it! That is why my closet is color coordinated….. Weeeell, let me give you the full scoop that led to my organization madness. After joining the choir at my church, I realized that every week we were coming up with different color schemes to wear for the up-and-coming Sunday. This is when I realized that I needed all the colors of the rainbow. So being the neat freak that I am and taking advantage of EVERY opportunity to shop, I decided to color coordinate my clothing so that it would be easier for me to locate the themed colors for that Sunday. Now that I have given you the background information on why I organized my closet by color, don’t judge me! Well, I may have a mild case of OCD, but hey, it works for me--- “All things WORK together, for the good…” ( I love GOD’S WORD)!! Back to the subject…. As you transition from one season to another and the weather can’t figure out if it wants to be cold or hot, I’d suggest you carry a coat/jacket/blazer with you when you head out, just in case! Why not it be #THRIFTED?!

The blazer and blouse are #THRIFTED and leggings and shoes are not.

Dom’s Thrift Tip: Be sure to get your blazers/jackets tailored if they’re not fitting just right! You could also personalize it and add some pins, buttons, or get the sleeves tailored to a quarter length style for the Spring!

Be Blessed and Highly #THRIFTED!

-Dom, TeamTT


  1. I absolutely love a blazer - have several in my collection. I wear them to work with nice slacks and at night/weekends I pair them w/skinny jeans and heels. Love the one you're rockin & your make-up is flawless. What do you use? Would love to see pics of your color-coordianted closet, too! :)

    1. I (Dom) use MAC products, and I believe I may reveal my color coordinated closet on one of my post in the near future... thanks for the inspiration and I really appreciate the support girlie! Bless you!