Monday, February 20, 2012

"Ablaz'd Bluuuuu"

Oh how I enjoy wearing all the colors of the rainbow and especially BLUE :)

I’m going to tell you something about me: I am an organized NEAT FREAK!!! When God said, “Let all things be done decently and in order,” I took that passage of scripture and ran with it! That is why my closet is color coordinated….. Weeeell, let me give you the full scoop that led to my organization madness. After joining the choir at my church, I realized that every week we were coming up with different color schemes to wear for the up-and-coming Sunday. This is when I realized that I needed all the colors of the rainbow. So being the neat freak that I am and taking advantage of EVERY opportunity to shop, I decided to color coordinate my clothing so that it would be easier for me to locate the themed colors for that Sunday. Now that I have given you the background information on why I organized my closet by color, don’t judge me! Well, I may have a mild case of OCD, but hey, it works for me--- “All things WORK together, for the good…” ( I love GOD’S WORD)!! Back to the subject…. As you transition from one season to another and the weather can’t figure out if it wants to be cold or hot, I’d suggest you carry a coat/jacket/blazer with you when you head out, just in case! Why not it be #THRIFTED?!

The blazer and blouse are #THRIFTED and leggings and shoes are not.

Dom’s Thrift Tip: Be sure to get your blazers/jackets tailored if they’re not fitting just right! You could also personalize it and add some pins, buttons, or get the sleeves tailored to a quarter length style for the Spring!

Be Blessed and Highly #THRIFTED!

-Dom, TeamTT

"Thrifted Business"

I’m ready for the world and taking it on, #thrifted! 85% of my professional wardrobe is #thrifted. If you’re just beginning to build your wardrobe, the #thrift store is the perfect place to invest in suits and pieces for business, church, and semi-formal/ formal occasions. I found this blazer…Well…..actually, Dom found this blazer for herself while finding me a suit for AAMU’s Homecoming last year. I politely expressed my desire for the blazer and then proceeded to snatch it from her. Please do not be alarmed! We tend to “fork over” pieces to one another without much hesitation.

This blazer was too big so I took it in using a borrowed sewing machine. The skirt is #thrifted. The combination of these two pieces is ideal for a casual business meeting or a professional environment that you’re accustomed to. The pink blouse is Express and is #thrifted. The suspenders are SAKS Fifth Ave and are #thrifted. The tie is #thrifted. My lace stockings are from Wet Seal and the shoes (low heel) are BCBG. Ladies, when in a professional environment please be mindful your heel height. We don’t want to overwork our puppies.

My bracelet and earrings are gifted from my mom and are pieces from Lia Sophia Jewelry Company. My mom and aunt are Lia Sophia advisors. So, if you like these pieces I’m wearing check out the links below to view more beautiful pieces and for info to host your own jewelry party! Thanks Dom for the blazer. You are definitely Da Bomb!

-Sheika, Team TT

Thrifty Threader Spotlight - "Growing Like Weeds"

My grandmother always said, “ A fool and his money shall soon depart.” In today’s economy, that phrase couldn’t be truer. So, why pay retail prices for clothes that your children will grow out of in no time?

I love #thrifting for my kids for three reasons:

1.  I love brand label items for them….just not their price tags. I am constantly coming across gems in #thrift stores and consignment shops. Ralph Lauren, Gap, Banana Republic, J Crew and Abercrombie all for a fraction of their original price.

2.  Children can never have too many clothes! Babies spit up, toddlers have accidents and kids lose things constantly. #Thrifting keeps more than enough clothing in my kids closets and dressers. Even being able to stock up on the basics: jeans, jackets, sweaters, shorts, dresses and shirts is worth the patience it takes to #thrift. Remember the saying, “Time is money”? The patience it takes to #thrift is more than worth the money that I save. Which brings me to my next point….

3)   I can splurge on non-necessity items that I want for them. I love to have their shoe game on point. That pair of Jordan’s on my son’s feet doesn’t make me feel guilty because I know I was more practical with his other items. That white denim jacket for my daughter isn’t such a bad idea when she’s got four other jackets in her closet.

All and all, kids grow like weeds. Children only wear a size for a season. Why not keep them fly by consign? Paying full price for anything these days is hard to swallow, especially temporary items, like children’s clothing. But, you know what they say, “A fool and his money shall soon depart.” I try to keep mine as long as possible.

Aaliyah is wearing sky blue skinny jeans by Gap. Sequined sneakers by Pastry. A stripped top by Old Navy and her denim jacket is by Levi’s. She is accessorized with a stripped scarf and yellow button earrings. She is #thrifted from head to toe via Play It Again and Snickerpoodles Consignment shops.

-Ambreia, TeamTT

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

V-Day Special - "Love 2 Thrift"

Presently it is trendy to mix-match solids and patterns. But it’s still cool to match solid colors too. The skirt is #thrifted. It is a great piece to have since it will never go out of style and because this wool blend item may be hard to find unless you go to a high end store. The top is actually a BCBG sweater dress I tucked in the skirt to make it into a more appropriate top. You could wear this look on the job (depending on the work environment) and afterwards for dinner or a social gathering. The outfit is paired with Guess peek toe heels, a belt from NY&CO, and a pair of fish-net stockings. If I can call this look anything, this would be my “Robin Givens Boomerang” look!

I wanted to go for a double “whammy” since it is V-day! This look is completely #thrifted except for the tights, the belt by NY&CO, and the shoes by Nine West (my favorite shoe company). Get comfortable with your style and experiment with patterns and solids, which is what I did here. The oversized scarf is “da bomb” because it can be worn many ways, in most weather. Any color in the scarf can be “brought out” to complement the feel of your look. This Forever21 dress is what I call my “soda pop drive- in” dress. It has v-cut in the front with three buttons that match the dress. The earrings complete the whole look bringing it's color out of the scarf.
-Sheika, TeamTT

Monday, February 13, 2012

V-Day Special - "Thrifted RED"

Thrifted - RED

Happy Valentine’s Day to all you beautifully #thrifted ladies out there! I hope your day is blessed---full of LOVE, GIFTS, SURPRISES, and everything else that makes V-Day so special!

The color RED is usually associated with V-Day, so my partner Sheika and I decided to present to you what we would consider wearing on this day incorporating the color RED… Check out this retro-patterned RED and black dress I stumbled upon while thrifting one random day. IT WAS LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT!! The dress is pretty simple, but the detail and design is what gives it life!

The dress is #thrifted of course, tights and shoes- TJ Maxx.

Dom’s Thrift Tip: Keep-it- simple, retro, and chic as you search for that perfect get-up for V-day, whether it’s dinner or a movie---- step out #thrifted-RED! --- Don’t forget to put on your RED lipstick ladies XoXo

Dare to be #thrifted Different.

<3 Dom, TeamTT

V-Day Thrifty Threader Spotlight - "Thrifted. Love. Connection."

Introducing Mike and Rae


TT: How did you love birds meet?
Mike and Rae: We met through a mutual friend that thought we would be a good match.  
TT: Guess they were right, by the way Rae and Mike are now engaged!!!

TT: Where are you from?
Mike and Rae: Rae is from Chicago and Mike is from New Orleans.

TT: What school do you attend?
Mike and Rae: We both attend Alabama A&M University.


Monday, February 6, 2012

"Blue Stewardess Sheik"

This look I’m rocking is my “Blue Stewardess Sheik” look. The skirt, blouse, and neck tie is #thrifted. My shoes are Jessica Simpson, earrings are Kim Rodgers, the shades used to belong to my mom, and my blue tights are from Wal-Mart. I love this skirt because of the awesome pewter colored buttons on the front which gives it the airline stewardess look; it is made of a 50/50 synthetic blend which makes it perfect to wear year round. The blouse is a cotton blend by New York and Co. I definitely stepped out of my comfort zone which the pinkish red lipstick, but who cares! The whole look is cool with the red lips and red shoes to make it “pop”. What is even more interesting is that I was told that a fashion prediction was made that the “same color everything” trend was coming back in style. So I guess I’m ahead of the game.

-Sheika, TeamTT

Thrifty Threader Spotlight - "Pretty Boy Thrift"

Introducing Shaquawn Austin

TT: What inspires your thrifting style?
Shaquawn: I dress the way I want my success to be.

TT: Where are you from?
Shaquawn: Here, Huntsville, AL

What school do you attend?
Shaquawn: Butler High School, Class of 2013

TT: How do you feel about thrfited male modesty?
Shaquawn: I feel that this is the new trend for upcoming young men who probably don’t have enough stability to purchase high fashion clothing."

**Jacket, Button down, pocket square, pants, shoes… All #thrifted!

Pretty. Boy. Thrift.

-TT Team

“Thrifty Thinking”

Welcome to my #thrifted world… This outfit consists of pieces from several different thrift stores locally in Huntsville, AL and in Chattanooga, TN. Ta’Sheika and I recently had the pleasure of #thrifting at this huge thrift store called Americas Thrift Store--- it was “Thrift Heaven” located in Chattanooga, TN.

The blazer, dress, belt and earrings are all #thrifted; the tights came from Target and shoes from Kohl’s.

Dom’s Thrift Tip: Don’t underestimate what you mark eclectic or trendy thrifted pieces, because others may find them strange. Those are the ones that can take your outfit to the next level!!!

Dare to be #thrifted Different.

-Dom, TeamTT