Monday, February 20, 2012

Thrifty Threader Spotlight - "Growing Like Weeds"

My grandmother always said, “ A fool and his money shall soon depart.” In today’s economy, that phrase couldn’t be truer. So, why pay retail prices for clothes that your children will grow out of in no time?

I love #thrifting for my kids for three reasons:

1.  I love brand label items for them….just not their price tags. I am constantly coming across gems in #thrift stores and consignment shops. Ralph Lauren, Gap, Banana Republic, J Crew and Abercrombie all for a fraction of their original price.

2.  Children can never have too many clothes! Babies spit up, toddlers have accidents and kids lose things constantly. #Thrifting keeps more than enough clothing in my kids closets and dressers. Even being able to stock up on the basics: jeans, jackets, sweaters, shorts, dresses and shirts is worth the patience it takes to #thrift. Remember the saying, “Time is money”? The patience it takes to #thrift is more than worth the money that I save. Which brings me to my next point….

3)   I can splurge on non-necessity items that I want for them. I love to have their shoe game on point. That pair of Jordan’s on my son’s feet doesn’t make me feel guilty because I know I was more practical with his other items. That white denim jacket for my daughter isn’t such a bad idea when she’s got four other jackets in her closet.

All and all, kids grow like weeds. Children only wear a size for a season. Why not keep them fly by consign? Paying full price for anything these days is hard to swallow, especially temporary items, like children’s clothing. But, you know what they say, “A fool and his money shall soon depart.” I try to keep mine as long as possible.

Aaliyah is wearing sky blue skinny jeans by Gap. Sequined sneakers by Pastry. A stripped top by Old Navy and her denim jacket is by Levi’s. She is accessorized with a stripped scarf and yellow button earrings. She is #thrifted from head to toe via Play It Again and Snickerpoodles Consignment shops.

-Ambreia, TeamTT


  1. Love it!! She is so beautiful! She is definitely your mini me! And she belongs in front of the camera! The camera loves her!!!

  2. Isn't she just gorgeous! Thanks so much Letoria for the comment:-) Bless you! -TeamTT