Wednesday, March 21, 2012

"Spring Thrift on a Budget!"

Spring is here and it’s time to adjust the fashion! But wait…This weather is still a bit funny. One day it’s cold and the next day it’s hot. So what to do? Let me suggest light layers. Thrifted layers to be exact. Now let’s get to the look. My sweater, with its awesome gold buttons is thrifted from Restore Thrift Store in Huntsville, AL for a dollar! I altered the sweater myself so it could fit just right. My blouse is thrifted from Thrift Mart and my gold chain is thrifted from the Neighborhood Store in Huntsville, AL. The belt is thrifted from Downtown Rescue Mission Thrift Store in Huntsville, AL. My pants were $7.00 on clearance from a store in Tennessee and my shoes are Steve Madden (also purchased on clearance). I made my bow from a scarf purchased from Target and I made my earrings as well.

My advice during changes in the season is if the weather is cool in the morning, wear layers that you can remove as the day warms up. Our bodies are temples so we have to protect them and keep ourselves covered to avoid illness during changes in the season. It’s ok to be crafty and to think outside the box with your looks. If you buy pieces that don’t fit from the thrift store take them in (if you can sew) yourselves to save money instead of paying to have them altered. Go to a fabric store (buttons make awesome earrings) and create your own jewelry. As the weather warms up, remember to remain modest in your attire 1 Timothy 2: 8-10, and since you may have the puppies (toes) out give yourself a pedicure to save money going to the salon.

-Sheika, Team TT

Thrifty Threader Spotlight - "Naturally Thrifted"

Introducing Chari Herron

TT: Where are you originally from?
Chari: Fairfield, CA

TT: Where did you attend college?
Chari: For undergrad I attended Columbus State University in Columbus, GA and Grad school at Alabama A&M University.

TT: What inspires your thrifting style?
Chari: My thrifting style is very eclectic. With my whole natural thing, I kind of just wear what I feel. So if I see something I like, I’m going to buy it.

TT: If you could give a tip to other thrifters what would it be?
Chari: When you go thrifting, dress comfortably. Leggings and big sweaters are not ideal. You’d be surprised at how hard it is to thrift in a blazer in some jeans. Dress comfortably in something that is easy to take off and put on.

*Miss Herron’s outfit is completely #thrifted! Her clothing list includes:

-Scarf and earrings: St. Vincent DePaul, Huntsville, AL
-Shirt: The ROC Thrift Store, Richmond, VA
-Skirt: Downtown Rescue Mission, Huntsville, AL
-Belt: Value Village, Huntsville, AL
-Shoes: Fantastic Thrift, Richmond, VA

-Team TT

Monday, March 19, 2012

“Fall into SPRING”

Yay, SPRING officially starts tomorrow! Is anyone else as excited as I am about this new season?!

What I like the most about SPRING fashion is that you can get creative with your style/look. Usually before I pack up my fall/winter clothing each season, I always go through and mix & match some SPRING pieces into my wardrobe and see what combinations I can create. With this outfit, I matched up a short sleeve THRIFTED sweater with an old school THRIFTED vest. (When I was in 2nd grade, my sister Lill and I both had one of these vest lol.) The denim skirt is THRIFTED as well and the socks give it a fun and stylish touch.

Everything is thrifted, but the shoes and socks. The sweater, vest, and skirt were purchased at Thriftmart located in Huntsville, AL.

**Dom’s Thrift Tip: Don’t be afraid to set your own THRIFTED trends, mix and match your seasons’ fashions and see what new THRIFTED stylish master piece you come up with. Email us a photo and you may be the next Thrifty Threader!!!

“HE changes time and seasons…” Daniel 2:21

-Dom, TeamTT

Sunday, March 4, 2012

“Thrifted Transitions”

Isaiah 43:19 “I am doing a new thing! Now it SPRINGS up; do you not perceive it?”

We’re getting ready to transition into a new season “SPRING!” This is my favorite time of the year. We have the best weather in the SPRING. It’s not too hot, not too cold, the weather is just right! As we transition into SPRING the weather is typically warm during the day and cool at night. I usually carry a cute light jacket with me to change up my look by the evening. This dress was chosen by Sheika, but because it was in my size, BAM lol, she let me have it! (This happens with us from time-to-time when we go thrifting together, but that’s what makes it so much fun going with someone else or a group.) I’m not sure what era this dress was made in, but I am so glad it found me (Thanks to Sheik). It screams VINTAGE: the pattern, the style (layered ruffles), and the blue jean jacket goes right along with it!

The dress and the blue jean jacket are thrifted. The socks came from Burlington’s; the shoes came from DSW.

**Dom’s Thrift Tip: The next time you go thrifting bring along a friend, that way the items you can’t wear, he/she probably can. Plus, it’s more fun sharing your thrifting experience with someone else!


-Dom, TeamTT

“Culturally Thrift”

Let’s dig into a little cultural history! This cultural thrift was inspired by my fascination with traditional South-Central Asian and Victorian-era European clothing. My pants are called salwar and are worn with a tunic known as a kameez. The Salwar Kammez is worn by people of India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh as a part of Muslim tradition. The pants have an intricate detail of pattern and awesome bright color. The blouse has a high lace collar and lace throughout out the sleeves and the back as common during Victorian era with the emergence of Christian influences. The blouse also has a flower pattern that is very simple but apparent. Although these items originate from diverse backgrounds, the similarity is in traditional modest attire, and color and detail as an indication of wealth.

The earrings, blouse and salwar came from a thrift store called Value Village. The belt was from the Downtown Rescue Mission thrift store and the shoes were borrowed. The bangle is thrifted from Restore thrift store, and the other accessories are my own. This look reflects my thrifted imagination and exaggerates my personal style. As a little advice, never be afraid to step outside the box with your thrifted wardrobe as long as there is cohesiveness with pieces and accessories. It is ok to be thrifted modest and thrifted different. We are thrifted misfits. You don’t have to fit in with the trend, fit in with you!

-Sheik, Team TT