Tuesday, February 14, 2012

V-Day Special - "Love 2 Thrift"

Presently it is trendy to mix-match solids and patterns. But it’s still cool to match solid colors too. The skirt is #thrifted. It is a great piece to have since it will never go out of style and because this wool blend item may be hard to find unless you go to a high end store. The top is actually a BCBG sweater dress I tucked in the skirt to make it into a more appropriate top. You could wear this look on the job (depending on the work environment) and afterwards for dinner or a social gathering. The outfit is paired with Guess peek toe heels, a belt from NY&CO, and a pair of fish-net stockings. If I can call this look anything, this would be my “Robin Givens Boomerang” look!

I wanted to go for a double “whammy” since it is V-day! This look is completely #thrifted except for the tights, the belt by NY&CO, and the shoes by Nine West (my favorite shoe company). Get comfortable with your style and experiment with patterns and solids, which is what I did here. The oversized scarf is “da bomb” because it can be worn many ways, in most weather. Any color in the scarf can be “brought out” to complement the feel of your look. This Forever21 dress is what I call my “soda pop drive- in” dress. It has v-cut in the front with three buttons that match the dress. The earrings complete the whole look bringing it's color out of the scarf.
-Sheika, TeamTT