Sunday, March 4, 2012

“Culturally Thrift”

Let’s dig into a little cultural history! This cultural thrift was inspired by my fascination with traditional South-Central Asian and Victorian-era European clothing. My pants are called salwar and are worn with a tunic known as a kameez. The Salwar Kammez is worn by people of India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh as a part of Muslim tradition. The pants have an intricate detail of pattern and awesome bright color. The blouse has a high lace collar and lace throughout out the sleeves and the back as common during Victorian era with the emergence of Christian influences. The blouse also has a flower pattern that is very simple but apparent. Although these items originate from diverse backgrounds, the similarity is in traditional modest attire, and color and detail as an indication of wealth.

The earrings, blouse and salwar came from a thrift store called Value Village. The belt was from the Downtown Rescue Mission thrift store and the shoes were borrowed. The bangle is thrifted from Restore thrift store, and the other accessories are my own. This look reflects my thrifted imagination and exaggerates my personal style. As a little advice, never be afraid to step outside the box with your thrifted wardrobe as long as there is cohesiveness with pieces and accessories. It is ok to be thrifted modest and thrifted different. We are thrifted misfits. You don’t have to fit in with the trend, fit in with you!

-Sheik, Team TT