Monday, February 6, 2012

"Blue Stewardess Sheik"

This look I’m rocking is my “Blue Stewardess Sheik” look. The skirt, blouse, and neck tie is #thrifted. My shoes are Jessica Simpson, earrings are Kim Rodgers, the shades used to belong to my mom, and my blue tights are from Wal-Mart. I love this skirt because of the awesome pewter colored buttons on the front which gives it the airline stewardess look; it is made of a 50/50 synthetic blend which makes it perfect to wear year round. The blouse is a cotton blend by New York and Co. I definitely stepped out of my comfort zone which the pinkish red lipstick, but who cares! The whole look is cool with the red lips and red shoes to make it “pop”. What is even more interesting is that I was told that a fashion prediction was made that the “same color everything” trend was coming back in style. So I guess I’m ahead of the game.

-Sheika, TeamTT

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