Friday, April 12, 2013

Thrift Store Spotlight: SGT Leevon Ritter Support your Troops ResaleCenter

Location: 317 E. Avenue C, Killen, TX

Telephone: 254-233-1441

Hours of Operation: Tues- Wed 9AM-5PM; Thurs-Fri 9AM- 6PM; Sat 12 PM- 6PM

Web address:;

I feel in love with this store on a recent trip to see my sister Jasmin in Texas. 100% percent of the proceed from this thrift store benefits U.S. service members, wounded warriors, special operation members, veterans, an their families. SGT. Ritter an his staff have such a passion for service members that they offer support through a food pantry, baby supplies, and clothing for free or little to nothing.

Some of notable mentions include the organization raising over $40,000 for a wounded soldier who lost his legs during an IED attack in Afghanistan. With the money raised, the organization was able to modify the soldier's home and adapt his vehicle. For the holidays, the organization supported over 900 military families with supplies an also helped a single military mom catch up on her rent. The center offers free coupon classes, the food pantry, and other fundraisers and give always to support the troops.

If your are in the Killen/ Fort Hood area, I encourage you to visit this store and feel free to volunteer.

- Sheika, Team TT

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Stain of Guilt

Jeremiah 5:7 (NIV)

Why should I forgive you? Your children have forsaken and sworn by gods that are not gods. I supplied all their needs, yet the committed adultery and thronged to the houses of prostitutes……..Should I not punish them for this?” declares the Lord.

…Wow, what a holy ghost slap down. This description of the wickedness by the people of Judah and Jerusalem angered God because these people bowed down to worthless idols, refused to repent, and return to Him. The Lord challenged anyone to find one righteous person in Israel, but there were none. God was angry with the priest, prophets, and kings as well. All throughout the book, Jeremiah describes the disgrace of a nation and the anger of God.

This word is so prevalent to our nation and the body of Christ today. God asked Israel what He did to cause their fathers to stray from Him. Funny thing is.... He asked me the question. It broke my heart to hear this, because I had been so stubborn towards God several months too long;  mouth closed towards him; angry with Him because of the decision I made to put idols before Him. I traded in the reverence of God in my life for corruption and filth. God spoke to me, “Although you wash yourself with soda and use an abundance of soap, the stain of your guilt is still before me” Jer 2: 22.

God sent Jeremiah to deliver a warning to His people; People who were like prostitutes, adulterers towards Him and their spouses; foolish in their own minds thinking they were righteous and without sin against Him; false prophets and priest who abused their authority, not being led by the spirit but by the politics of positions God favored them to have; had eyes, but choose not to see and ears but, did not hear; the word of the Lord was offensive, with no pleasure in it. God said that since they choose to serve foreign gods in their land, he was sending a foreign nation to destroy them and serve in a foreign land.

For months I was dead, unable to hear from God, no desire to seek Him, only idle, and isolated. Although I strayed, God remained. He continued to extend His hand of mercy towards me but, I would spit in His face and slap His hand away. Just like in Jer. 2: 35 I would say, “I am innocent, He is not angry with me, and I have not sinned”. The only time I turned to talk to God was when I wanted something and after that I turned my back again. He continued to say “if you would only return to Me….I will not be angry forever, Only acknowledge your guilt-…” Jer. 3:12-13.

In the depths of my spirit, I hated being in this season. Pressing day by day, I wrestled  sit at His feet. I desired restoration but, wanted it to be sincere. Of course, plans became detoured and my purpose in life unsure. With the little desire I had left, I pulled away for people and responsibilities because I knew I was not in right standing with God.  Slowly, but surely, I was slipping into depression and didn't even know it.

Through this season, God continued to pierce my heart with His words, until one day I finally surrendered. I had enough. I was ready to repent with a sincere, godly sorrow that overwhelmed my being. I asked someone to pray with me. But it wasn't just anyone. She has that direct line to Christ. Not a game at all. She told me to confess and repent, while she interceded on my behalf.  It was humiliating to speak the disgrace that was coming out of my mouth... but then God spoke. Instantly I was prostrate before me and He lifted every burden. My soul had peace, my spirit restored, my desire back, and His mercy upon me.  God started speaking through this lady to me. My purpose assured, I had a task ahead of me that required obedience, transparency, prayer, and meditating on the word of God.

What's so funny is God confirmed everything that lady spoke earlier, that same evening during my quiet time in Jer. 31:22-35. " How long will you wander o unfaithful daughter?...This is the covenant I will make with the house of Israel.......I will put my law in their minds and write it on their hearts. I will be their God, and they will be my people......For I will forgive their wickedness and will remember their sins no more." When I asked God to show me what to blog today....... He lead me to Jer. 5:7... Very humorous our God. #transparency

The book of Jeremiah was my warning and it speaks to the body of Christ today. God said that He would cure us of our backsliding if we would just admit our faults and turn to Him. But we live in a society where everything is expectable; holiness is not right, it’s played out; instead of power in prayer, you choose power in position; no reverence to God; attention whores; indulged with things, some hidden and others boastful in immoral, filthy pleasures.

The good news is that God has sent us a fair warning and extended His hand of mercy to us. He loves us and has only His best for us. He has all power to deliver and save. Just imagine, a few words, a single surrender to Christ, has the power to alter the direction of your life and your soul. We cannot carry our burdens alone. I encourage you to read the book of Jeremiah. This warning, in one aspect or another may be for you. Stop slapping away the hand of God, spitting in His face with your lifestyle full of wickedness and idols. We are not righteous by our own means; but, it is God who puts His righteousness in us, that we may live holy and free. Only by His grace and mercy………..

My lovely thrifted spring outfit was gifted and thrifted my sister Jasmin in Texas. My earrings, belt, and necklace are thrifted. The shoes are from and other accessories are from retail stores.

-Sheika, Team TT

So who are you doing it for?

“…whatever you do, do all to the glory of God” 1 Corinthians 10:31

I found myself upset and venting to how he had used & manipulated me. I wonder why God had allowed me, of all people, the one who has always extended herself to others to be in this predicament again. I had found myself in all too familiar place of feeling unappreciated and like a fool. In my effort to live my life like Christ, I have often fell victim to those who had no second thought in taking my kindness for granted –these people had used my desire to help for their own personal gain. Or at least that is what I had forced myself to think.

While venting to God about my dilemma a small still voice simply asked me “Who are you doing it for?” I quickly answered, you God. I do it for you, so that I can be a reflection of your son, Jesus, the Christ. The voice spoke again and said “so why are you tripping?” LOL yes it did say that! During this time of meditation, God revealed that my heart was not in the right place. Now I will admit, that was a hard pill to swallow but God is not man that he should lie. So if He said it, then it is so. So I did the only thing left to do. I shut up and let God have his way with me and open my eyes to what I could not see.

It was revealed, that in order to be completely used by God, I had to surrender all of me. That means where ever and whomever God lead me to help then I must obey. Now whether or not, I get a thank you at the end is irrelevant because my purpose to serve God has to be fulfilled. Being a Christian is a lifestyle, and it is not EASY but it is POSSIBLE! It means to render yourself as a living sacrifice, and deny your flesh/emotions/feelings so that God can use you. So that moment when your friend, associate, coworker, colleague, or individual did not treat you as you have treated them and you feel used or even taken for granted. Remember the kindness, generosity, mercy and/or grace you show towards others is supposed to be a reflection of God’s love. 1Cor 10:31 Christians are the ambassadors for Kingdom, when the world sees us they are supposed to know us by how we dress, walk, talk and most importantly how we LOVE.

Does the hammer get upset when the carpenter does not tell it “Thank you” or “I appreciate you”? I don’t think so. The hammer is a tool, its sole purpose is to be used and guess what? When the carpenter is finish building whatever it needed the hammer for; the tool does not take the credit! I have news for you, you are a tool and God is the carpenter. God is using you to build his kingdom – not for your glory but His. So when you find yourself getting upset when someone did not reciprocate your kind gesture, generosity, thoughtfulness, ask yourself, who are you doing it for?

Now does that mean be a doormat and make yourself available to be taken advantage of? NO! By all means God did not make you to be anyone’s mule. There are people who purposely seek out those who desire to live like Christ for the very reason to take advantage of them. The bible warns us of wolves in sheep clothing. Matthew 7:15 So when extending yourself, make sure it is spirit led and rest assured God sits high and looks low. Nothing goes unnoticed especially when it concerns his children. He promises us that vengeance is His. Psalm 94:1

So who was I doing it for? I was doing it for me. That kind gesture, generous gift, that phone call were all notches on my Christian belt. When my time of need came along, the very ones I was there for, did not reciprocate anything. I couldn’t get a phone call, a text message, or a dollar. If I was on fire, I probably wouldn’t have been able to get bottled water, because they wouldn’t have noticed. It is funny how when people need you, you always seem to have the resources but when you are in need, folks get ghost! My grandmother always said a friend in need is a friend indeed! So during my trial, I felt used and manipulated. But how many of you know that God is a provider? He kept me by using others and through them He blessed me.

When you take yourself out of the equation, and do it solely so that God can get the glory. Then you don’t take it as personal when people misuse you because you understand that it is not you they have mistreated but God. You were just a tool used by God. Therefore, the offense is to God and the good news is, He can handle it. Luke 17:1-2 So I ask you again, who are you doing it for? God? or man?


-Team TT

Friday, December 28, 2012

“Bold COLOR Thrift Tips”

Our Four Fav Fall THRIFTED Trends to Add a Splash of COLOR to Your Wardrobe

Don’t neglect to incorporate a pop of COLOR in your fall wardrobe. Instead of shopping retail and following cookie cutter trends, try THRIFTING! Dare to be outside the box by doing something
BOLD that reflects your personality without breaking the bank.

 Here are a few of our favorite ways of incorporating color into our fall wardrobe:

 1.) Vibrant Vintage Scarves.

 2.) Bold Blazers

3.) Get Accessorized (ties for the guys and earrings and belts for the girls) 

4.) Sassy Skirts



"Fear: The Struggle is REAL!!"

Marriage is hard enough as it is but without God, it’s impossible. In fact, we are often negligent of the fact that God grants us grace for our daily life. We are told in Matthew 6:34 not to worry about tomorrow because it will take care of itself. In fact, it has trouble of it’s own!
Well, whether you are married, single, divorced or separated, God will answer your prayers. We all have fears that are related to those we love. If it’s that cousin that you fell out with or trying to mend a friendship, our God is a God of restoration.
First of all, fear is an emotion that is healthy to feel on occasion. But, if it is crippling your ability to function daily, make decisions or mend relationships, it has now become a manifestation in your spirit. 2 Timothy 1:7 states: “God has not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love and of a sound mind.” Well, some may say, “Who gave us the spirit of fear?” I will be honest with you. Satan uses every single fear that we have against us. He uses it to cripple us and to render us defenseless against his attacks. If you are afraid to step out of your comfort zone, you aren’t a threat! You can’t walk in your purpose confidently if you are crippled by fear. You can’t mend that relationship that has been torturing you for years! You walk around with guilt on your shoulders and resentment in your heart!
The struggle is real, ya’ll! I know because it was mine. I had fears of reconciling a relationship that is most important to me. Satan attacked me in ways that you couldn’t believe. Temptation, denial, self-pity, guilt and resentment!

· I resented the way that person treated me and soon it turned to resenting them. THIS IS THE WRONG THING TO DO!
· I rejected their advice and the advice of all of my friends regarding this relationship. WRONG!

· I denied that there was any anger or unforgiveness in my heart towards them. WRONG AGAIN!

· Self-pity allowed me to justify my actions and rationalize my unwillingness to deal with the situation head on. SUPER WRONG!

· Satan sent a replacement along to distract me. Don’t be fooled, he knows what you like and that very thing can be presented to you to keep you useless to the kingdom! WRONG! WRONG! WRONG!

· Lastly, I struggled with guilt. After how I’d acted towards them for so long, I felt that they could never love me or forgive me. SMH WRONG AGAIN!

As a grateful believer, I’ve seen God do the impossible. He’s restored many situations all around me. He’s delivered loved ones from addiction. Turn cold-hearted individuals into allies. Healed permanent medical conditions. He has even delivered me from the hands of my enemies! But, I made this one situation BIGGER than my God! Fear crippled my belief that MY God was that GREAT! Fear had me blind to the fact that MY GOD CAN and WILL do ANYTHING! ONLY by the grace of God is my marriage restored! My husband and I love one another like never before! With the love of God! Believe me, it isn’t done in our own strength but by the power of the Holy Spirit, which resides in BOTH of us. It resides in you too!

If you are struggling to with fear or reconciliation, I urge you to give it to God! Whether it is financial responsibility, temptation, addiction, jealousy or even body image, God is able to restore and deliver you from your stuggles. Proverbs 3:5-6 says: “Lean on, trust in and be confident in the Lord with all your heart and mind and do not rely on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct and make straight and plain your paths.”

-Bre, Team TT