Sunday, May 6, 2012

Thrifty Threader Spotlight - "Uniquely THRIFTED"

Introducing Pamela Briggs 

TT: Where are you originally from?
Pamela: I was born and raised in Huntsville, Alabama.

TT: What school did you graduate from?
Pamela: I graduated from Alabama A&M University and currently attend the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

TT: When did you first start thrifting?
Pamela: I actually started thrifting in high school before it became popular to do so publicly. While my classmates were buying Jordan sneakers I was at the thrift store looking for great outfits to save my parents money.

TT: How would you describe your thrifting style?
Pamela: I don't really think I have a thrifting style. I just buy what I like. The best thing about thrifting is that you don't have to monitor price tags and can pretty much buy what you want.

TT: What do you enjoy most about thrifting?
Pamela: The best thing about thrifting is knowing that my outfit is one of kind without breaking the bank to do so! It also gives me freedom to be creative and not be stuck in a box expressively.

TT: If you could give a thrifty tip, what would it be?
Pamela: The secret behind thrifting is to thrift to look unique and not to look thrifted.

-Team TT

(Pam's top, skirt, and belt are all thrifted for a total of $6.00.)

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