Monday, May 21, 2012

"FAITH - Sealed with a SMILE"

“For we live by FAITH, not by sight.” 2 Cor. 5:7, NIV

I want to encourage everyone to take a step out on FAITH, and seal it with a big, bold, and confident-I know it’s already done SMILE! God has great things in store for you, but you must first believe that with Him anything is possible (see Matthew 19:26)! STOP looking at your circumstances, trust me God can do ALL things! At the end of last year, I declared that 2012 would be different for me and instead of making another shallow New Year’s resolution. I chose to DO something different and I created a Vision Board. Here’s a link for more info, if you’re interested in doing one - it’s not too late One of my co-workers (A’keta) introduced the concept to me; she invited me to join her on 1/1/12 to create my vision board. So we got up New Year’s morning, gathered all the materials needed, went to Starbucks (had coffee and prayer), and created our 2012 Vision Boards! Since taking that small leap of faith - actually creating the board - we’ve prayed, we have believed, we’ve encouraged each other, and last but not least we’ve put our faith to work (Faith without works/action is DEAD, see James 2:20)! Everything—I mean everything that I put on my vision board is being manifested and I know WHO deserves all the praise, my GOD, my Father in heaven, my ROCK, my best friend, my BOO (lol)! Having FAITH makes things possible, but it’s not easy going through the process— be prepared for the challenge of your life, and put on a SMILE knowing GOD will do just what He promised!

(My blouse is thrifted.) 

By the way, A’keta has a great blog “Purposely Driven by Him, go check it out!

-Dom, TeamTT

(Dom's 2012 Vision Board)

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