Monday, April 2, 2012

Thrifty Threader Spotlight - "A THRIFTED Family Affair"

Introducing The DeCastro Family

TT: What schools/universities are you guys representing?
The DeCastro’s: Kathy DeCastro, Grey and purple blouse/grey pants (A&M), Jason DeCastro, grey and purple (Capella), Xavier Bryant, khaki and burgundy (A&M), Sakierra Grant, multi-colored Top/yellow belt and blue dress pants (Liberty Middle School), Rahdeja DeCastro, Black pants/ black blouse with pink and white stars (Creekside Elementary), Ulani DeCastro, blue jeans/white and brown top (Creekside Elementary)

TT: How has thrifting benefited your family and your lifestyle?
Mrs. DeCastro: Thrifting has become a way of life for our family. We save money on clothes that gently worn and sometimes new. My kids enjoy shopping in the thrift store because I just say “ok go and find you a couple outfits and let me see what you get”. They love to shop for themselves and I feel comfortable doing this because the prices are so low and you’re getting good merchandise.

TT: Mrs. DeCastro, what inspires your thrifting style?
Mrs. DeCastro: My thrifting was inspired by my Mom; she did the same thing with me and my brothers growing up in Syracuse, New York. We always shopped at this real big church that had a thrift store inthe basement. My style has caused me to thrift more; Domonique (Dom) has shown me that you can put almost anything together if you know how to wear it.

TT: How did you and Mr. DeCastro meet and how long have you been married?
Mrs. DeCastro: My hubby and I met in the Army and we’ve been married for almost 4 years!

TT: What thrifting tip would you like to share with other thrifters?
Mrs. DeCastro: My tip would be to take the time and look, do not go thrifting if you don’t have the time or the patience because you will surely miss out on something. Another would be to try things on and wash all clothing or take them to the cleaners.

-Team TT

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