Monday, October 1, 2012


Psalm 23: 4 ," Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil; For You are with me; Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me."

A gut wrenching knot in my stomach had me wanting to cry out. Using every muscle I had to hold back because I was at work or in some public area. I was frozen in my thoughts not knowing what to do. So my spirit stepped in, and from the depths of my heart my soul cried out JEHOVAH, JESUS, and ABBA! I heard the Holy Ghost tell me walk. Jehovah, JESUS, and ABBA my soul continued to cry out and the Holy Ghost said again, “obedience”. Pressing forward day after day, my mind filled with questions. Searching for a friend to talk to, I knew deep inside they could not answer the questions I had. They couldn't relieve the pain in my gut. Once again I was in a stagnant place. What to do? And again my spirit spoke and said, “walk”. At work, meditating on God's precepts, thinking about my fate, and that gut wrenching knot came again. So looking at my phone to see who I can call I realized no one could help me. They could not help because they were not available but because only God could take away this pain. So I began to write and pray, and the spirit poured out. Hallelujah! Yes, surrendering to God's will is the only way. In the midst of my pain, God heard my soul cry and answered my prayers, giving me understanding. Hallelujah! Yes, Lord I will go. I can't explain it but I will try.

My spirit kept saying walk. I did not understand exactly what that meant. #Honestly But as I prayed and wrote, it was revealed. When you are going through, know that you will come out on the other end but in order to get through you must keep walking. If you are not following God’s will then you are following the will of your flesh. Think of yourself on a journey and in this journey you are facing obstacles and coming up against adversities. There are three things you can do. One: You can Be Stagnant. Stand there in defeat and give up. Two: You can Be disobedient. Follow your flesh and being disobedient. Three: Be obedient. Step out on faith and follow God's will. Standing still in defeat won't get you through. Following your flesh may get you through to the wrong end, but being obedient to God’s will not only get you through but you will overcome. To be obedient you must WALK. Walk means to keep moving forward, keep pressing on, keep praying, keep fasting, keep meditating on the Lord's precepts, keep touching and agreeing, keep speaking life, keep worshiping, and keep on moving through...
In the midst of my pain, I was overcome with such emotions I had literally stopped walking, frozen in my spiritual walk that it was hard for me to utter a prayer. My mind was so bogged down with "what ifs" defeat seemed more of a reality than victory. That gut wrenching knot, was my spirit starving for the word of God, because I had stopped spending time with my Heavenly Father. But God, He heard my soul cry and answered my prayers, giving me understanding. I just want to encourage all of you who are going through to keep on keeping on. Press forward. Don't stop. Continue to be obedient in your walk with Christ.

 Demo, Team TT

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