Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Thrifty Travels Presents: Bargain Thrifting!!!!!

America’s Best Thrift Store
5441 U.S. 90 
Mobile, AL 36619
(251) 776-7171

If you guys didn’t know, Mobile, AL is like my second home! Besides coming home, I love to thrift here. There are a variety of LOW priced thrift stores around town that I enjoy shopping in. Let me tell you about this thrift store. I absolutely enjoyed it! Everything I purchased was discounted additional to the already LOW prices compared to other thrift stores. The store is massive and clean. It is very well organized. I had no problem searching for various items and it seemed that had everything including pet supplies! Although I enjoyed this store, there were two vital things that I wished it had: a fitting room and a mirror. But this store didn’t know who it was messing with. It still went down in a real way. I tried on all my clothes in a corner of the store by dressing tops and dresses over a comfortable t-shirt I wore; and I even tried on skirts under a long skirt I already had on. Yes, I was appropriate at all times and I had a "side kick look out" with me who took pictures of each piece I tried out. 

Let this be my thrifty tip of the day: Whenever you go thrifting always try to dress comfortable in an appropriate length skirt or a casual dress with tights. It may be helpful to take a buddy along to take pictures and to keep a look of while you’re changing. 

-Sheika, Team TT

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