Tuesday, September 4, 2012

“Urban Turban: Picture Tutorial”

Outfit details: scarf- Target; vest, pants, accessories thrifted; top- Marshalls; Shoes- TJ Maxx; Shades-Ray Ban (Photography by Bobby Perkins)

Anytime I wear my turban I get lots of compliments and people always ask me how I did it. So I decided I’d do something different and post a picture tutorial of how I do the infamous “Urban Turban”

Step 1. If your hair is long and you don’t want to wear it down, you can wrap it up and put a scarf on like I did in the photo.

Step 2. Get you a regular sized scarf and hold it out with both hands. (this scarf was purchased from TJ Maxx)

Step 3. Put the scarf on your head start from the back and bring the two ends together forward towards the top of your forehead.

Step 4. Start twisting the scarf together tightly.

Step 5. Twist into knot tightly.

Step 6. Take the ends and tuck it under so that they’re hidden.

Step 7. Enjoy your Urban Turban!!!

-Dom, TeamTT


  1. Hey Lovebug!

    I love your turban..it is too cute! I have been wearing a half turban here but I can not wait until until I can rock a full one.

    Keep doing sissy!

    Love you and miss you much!


  2. Thanks so much for the support A'keta!!! Miss and love you moooooore! Blessings, Dom :-)

  3. Great tutorial Dom, I'm definitely gonna try this really soon.