Sunday, July 22, 2012

"If You Search...You Will Find Freedom…and a Heart Check…From Dad"

Oh! The awful feeling when God reveals your heart, but geeze the wonderful feeling to realize the chastisement because of love. I see the manifestation of what I’ve been praying for all these years; not because God is showing up the way I want him to, but because I’ve started to draw closer with a humble and sincere heart. God showed me my heart; I couldn’t repent initially because I knew it wouldn’t be sincere. So I had to meditate on this revelation until there was a godly sorrow in my spirit to cry out to my Daddy. I’ve gotten so tired of living life this way because of being afraid to leave what I was so comfortable in for a surreal relationship with God.

Now I daily meditate on these things: This life is not about me; I must be humble in everything (except the enemy); meekness speaks multitudes; I have no authority to judge; and I NEED A SAVIOUR. I have to practice Luke 9:23 EVERYDAY, He has to be first priority. He has had me in the book of Philippians and Romans as a part of my daily sculpting. Lately, it’s not so much that God has provided many blessings, which he has, but that he is sculpting me into the woman I truly desire to be and the one he has called me to be. Each moment that I call for my Daddy, He answers. He Loves Me. It amazes me how mad my Daddy can be at me and then at the end of his disciplining, He still has open arms and mercy towards me.

My Daddy loves me enough to discipline me and set me free. I cling to my Daddy and Him to me. Romans 8:39. 

My thrifted independence look immolates the 50s. My blouse was purchased from Ross in Nashville, TN. My belt was thrifted, but I don’t remember where?! It’s like that sometimes. My skirt was thrifted from the Goodwill in Fayetteville, Tn. My shoes where borrowed from Dom and my earrings are thrifted from The Neighborhood Store in Huntsville, AL.

A thrifty tip: Be independent of fashion rules (not all now… don’t go out looking crazy) and dependent to self expression.

-Sheika, Team TT

Photography provided by Bobby Perkins.

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