Tuesday, April 9, 2013

So who are you doing it for?

“…whatever you do, do all to the glory of God” 1 Corinthians 10:31

I found myself upset and venting to how he had used & manipulated me. I wonder why God had allowed me, of all people, the one who has always extended herself to others to be in this predicament again. I had found myself in all too familiar place of feeling unappreciated and like a fool. In my effort to live my life like Christ, I have often fell victim to those who had no second thought in taking my kindness for granted –these people had used my desire to help for their own personal gain. Or at least that is what I had forced myself to think.

While venting to God about my dilemma a small still voice simply asked me “Who are you doing it for?” I quickly answered, you God. I do it for you, so that I can be a reflection of your son, Jesus, the Christ. The voice spoke again and said “so why are you tripping?” LOL yes it did say that! During this time of meditation, God revealed that my heart was not in the right place. Now I will admit, that was a hard pill to swallow but God is not man that he should lie. So if He said it, then it is so. So I did the only thing left to do. I shut up and let God have his way with me and open my eyes to what I could not see.

It was revealed, that in order to be completely used by God, I had to surrender all of me. That means where ever and whomever God lead me to help then I must obey. Now whether or not, I get a thank you at the end is irrelevant because my purpose to serve God has to be fulfilled. Being a Christian is a lifestyle, and it is not EASY but it is POSSIBLE! It means to render yourself as a living sacrifice, and deny your flesh/emotions/feelings so that God can use you. So that moment when your friend, associate, coworker, colleague, or individual did not treat you as you have treated them and you feel used or even taken for granted. Remember the kindness, generosity, mercy and/or grace you show towards others is supposed to be a reflection of God’s love. 1Cor 10:31 Christians are the ambassadors for Kingdom, when the world sees us they are supposed to know us by how we dress, walk, talk and most importantly how we LOVE.

Does the hammer get upset when the carpenter does not tell it “Thank you” or “I appreciate you”? I don’t think so. The hammer is a tool, its sole purpose is to be used and guess what? When the carpenter is finish building whatever it needed the hammer for; the tool does not take the credit! I have news for you, you are a tool and God is the carpenter. God is using you to build his kingdom – not for your glory but His. So when you find yourself getting upset when someone did not reciprocate your kind gesture, generosity, thoughtfulness, ask yourself, who are you doing it for?

Now does that mean be a doormat and make yourself available to be taken advantage of? NO! By all means God did not make you to be anyone’s mule. There are people who purposely seek out those who desire to live like Christ for the very reason to take advantage of them. The bible warns us of wolves in sheep clothing. Matthew 7:15 So when extending yourself, make sure it is spirit led and rest assured God sits high and looks low. Nothing goes unnoticed especially when it concerns his children. He promises us that vengeance is His. Psalm 94:1

So who was I doing it for? I was doing it for me. That kind gesture, generous gift, that phone call were all notches on my Christian belt. When my time of need came along, the very ones I was there for, did not reciprocate anything. I couldn’t get a phone call, a text message, or a dollar. If I was on fire, I probably wouldn’t have been able to get bottled water, because they wouldn’t have noticed. It is funny how when people need you, you always seem to have the resources but when you are in need, folks get ghost! My grandmother always said a friend in need is a friend indeed! So during my trial, I felt used and manipulated. But how many of you know that God is a provider? He kept me by using others and through them He blessed me.

When you take yourself out of the equation, and do it solely so that God can get the glory. Then you don’t take it as personal when people misuse you because you understand that it is not you they have mistreated but God. You were just a tool used by God. Therefore, the offense is to God and the good news is, He can handle it. Luke 17:1-2 So I ask you again, who are you doing it for? God? or man?


-Team TT

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