Monday, June 4, 2012

Thrifty Threader Spotlight - "Crucial Fashion, Crucial Society"

Introducing Bobby Perkins

TT: Where are you originally from? 
Bobby: Greensboro, Alabama (Yes there is a Greensboro, Alabama). 

TT: Where do you attend college? 
Bobby: I am a Normalite at Alabama A&M University. 

TT: How did you begin thrifting
Bobby: My thrifting experience began my freshman year at AAMU while I preparing for a 90s themed party. From these visits I began to see various peculiar vintage items that I could see my exhibiting on a daily basis. After theses initial visits, I began to realize that I can multiply my wardrobe, find “#thriftythreads”, and save a lot, all at the same time. 

TT: How would you describe your style? 
Bobby: My style breeds from the mood I am feeling once I wake up. If I’m feeling grown and sexy, I reach for a pair of vintage slacks, a symmetrical patterned button-down, and ending with a classical gold brooch. If the feeling is young and breezy then I would go for a pair of white denim shorts, a throwback bull’s jersey, and sleeveless distressed jean jacket accented with vintage buttons and Lego brooches. 

TT: What influenced your Crucial Society fashion line and how did it come about? 
Bobby: The company Crucial Society started the summer of 2011 with the launch of my photography blog After deep thought and consideration, my business partner Camerron Dangerfield and I, decided to expand the company through apparel and accessories. From this notion, we have one design that brands the company name while the other promotes Crucial Society through the Cheetah print design of the infamous AAMU logo. We also have crafted Lego brooches that are uniquely made and offer a diverse look on accessorizing. 

TT: What is your thrifty/style tip for male thrifters
Bobby: Go for the bold look and don’t second-guess yourself and always remember “fashions fade, style is eternal.” – Yves Saint Lauren

Outfit description: 
Local thrift stores of Huntsville sponsored my entire outfit, minus the shoes. 80s inspired acid washed jeans and a red & white vertically stripped button-down accented with a gold zebra brooch. The cheetah print tie was self-made by me from an old couch that was found by the waste bin in my apartment complex (talk about thrifting at a new level). Accessories include thrifted wooden bead bracelets; diamond studded shambla bracelet, and a gold Invicta timepiece. Ending it all with a pair of rugged white Vans. 

-Team TT

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